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Getaway Offers An Escape To A Tiny Cabin


By Everett Potter

The idea behind a new vacation concept called Getaway is that we could all use a break from our overstressed, overworked and over-connected lives.

“It started with me being burned out at 25 after a couple of start-ups,” says Jon Staff, CEO and Co-Founder of Getaway. “I was chasing the next big thing instead of what I wanted. I told someone that maybe I should move into an Airstream and travel the country. I told that to so many people that a friend-of-a-friend said, ‘I have an Airstream, just have it back by Burning Man.’ I lived in it for five months and traveled 8,000 miles, working remotely. It’s how I discovered tiny houses.”

Staff came up with the idea of Getaway, a company that builds Outposts, clusters of tiny cabins that are rented out by the night and aimed at overworked, overstressed urbanites eager to slow down, reconnect with a loved one or simply disengage for a weekend. Think of them as a mash up of tiny houses, forest bathing and weekend together-time minus cell phones, Netflix and to-do list.

Then factor in the recent infusion of $22.5 million Series B financing round led by Barry Sternlicht’s Starwood Capital Group and … continue reading

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