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Off The Grid Luxury In The Living Vehicle 2020

By Everett Potter

Last year, I wrote about Living Vehicle (LV) for Forbes, which was described as a “mobile living space” by its architect and CEO, Matthew Hofmann. Together with his wife, Joanna, Hofmann set out in 2017 to design and build a vehicle that was not only a stylish way to get off the grid but in the long run, aimed to be completely self-supporting and literally produce more energy than it consumed. LV has also been engineered to be the highest-end luxury trailer available.



It’s a gleaming ode to aluminum, an ersatz Airstream on steroids, outfitted in luxurious fashion and seemingly aimed somewhere between a well-heeled participant at Burning Man and a tech entrepreneur who seeks a remote place to create and live, at least for a while, in the high desert or in the mountains or on a deserted beach.

Now the Hofmanns are back with the new LV 2020, an enhanced and very limited edition vehicle … continue reading

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