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9 Great European Food And Wine Destinations For Fall

Bogavante con telar de platano y puerro, a lobster dish, at Restaurante Arzak, which has three Michelin stars, in San Sebastián.


By Catherine Sabino

Gastronomy tourism is on the up throughout Europe, as elsewhere around the globe, with Italy seeing the number of food and wine tourists doubling in 2018 over the previous year, and France having a third of its visitors coming to experience the richness of its culinary heritage.

While there are countless foodie destinations to consider, where are the spots luxury experts are recommending for fall, a particularly good season for gastronomy visits, with the bounty of harvests and cold-weather dishes on offer?

Some of the destinations are well-known, others are up-and-comers—all should please those seeking a memorable food and wine holiday. There are also recommendations for top food markets to visit … continue reading



Catherine Sabino has worked for magazines in Italy and the US, and was editor-in-chief of Forbes Special Interest Publications, Gotham Magazine and Four Seasons Magazine, a travel and lifestyle publication. In addition to living and going to school in Italy, she has written two books on Italian design, published by Crown/Clarkson Potter, and has produced features from many regions in Italy and countries in Europe. Her focus is on travel in Italy and Western Europe.

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