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Monhegan Island: The Essence Of A Maine Summer

Monhegan artists at work. Credit Gayle Potter


By Everett Potter

A case can be made that Monhegan Island is the most romantic spot on the rocky coast of Maine. Shaped like a whale, this tidy little island of granite and evergreens lies 12 miles off the coast. It has stony beaches and dramatic 160-foot cliffs, where you spot seals sunning themselves on the ledges and see birdlife on its way to or from Canada.


Monhegan Cliffs. Credit The Island Inn.

Naturally, it’s a haven for birdwatchers, and all that ocean light has meant that its long been a place that has attracted painters. Monhegan holds a special place in American art history, having been the part-time home of artists Edward Hopper, Rockwell Kent, George Bellows, Robert Henri as well as Jamie Wyeth, the youngest of the celebrated Wyeth clan, who owns a shingle-clad home on the island’s southern shore that was originally Rockwell Kent’s … Read More

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