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3 of My Favorite European Watering Holes

The Connaught Bar

By Everett Potter

The Connaught Bar, London

I’ve been haunting European watering holes for decades but I don’t think I’ve ever sat in a more spectacular drinking establishment than The Connaught Bar. It’s located in the five star Connaught Hotel, London’s most sublime cocoon of luxury. I used to meet friends at the hotel’s lively, clubby and more casual Coburg Bar, which is still there. But the year 2008 brought an alternative. That was when designer David Collins oversaw the construction of the dramatic Connaught Bar, an Art Deco temple to the cocktail and a nod to the hotel’s heyday.

Collins was essentially given carte blanche to go over the top, and he did just that, inspired by English and Irish Cubist art of the 1920’s. The result is a place with textured walls of platinum silver leaf on which is laid lilac, pink and pistachio green, a vision of an idealized, highly stylized Irish landscape … continue reading 

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