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Dakine’s Tough & Stylish Ready 2 Roll Collection

By Everett Potter

I’m just back from 12 days in Switzerland and Italy, accompanied by two exceptionally smart pieces of luggage from Dakine. Their new Ready 2 Roll Collection encompasses nine pack and bag styles. The bags I used on my journey through the Alps and down to Lake Como were Dakine’s Status Roller 42L+ and the Split Adventure 38L Backpack from their Ready 2 Roll Collection.

Initial thoughts were that I loved their cool, understated and stylish look. You can enter a hotel lobby anywhere on the continent with these in tow, regardless of the stars and accolades that greet you on the door, and won’t get that aloof stare from the doorman because you look like a backpacker with your outdoorsy gear. That said, the little secret is that these bags moonlight as outdoorsy pieces … continue reading

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