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Sleeping Around NYC: Moxy Times Square

The Elephant Lounge at the Moxy Times Square

By Shari Hartford

Quirky. Fun. Innovative. Sexy.  An all-inclusive resort on a sunny Caribbean island? No, a new hotel in the heart of Times Square. If you find cookie cutter rooms, bland décor and predicable amenities suitable for your visit to New York City, then read no further and carry on. But if you want a completely unpredictable experience, let me introduce you to Moxy Times Square.

Queen room at the Moxy Times Square

With 612 unique rooms, this is not a small boutique property. Start with the lobby. Check in is a painless process carried out using the latest in technology. And while you’re getting your room card, avail yourself of the candy cart, or if it’s past 5, how about a comp cocktail? There are nine room types at Moxy and while none are at all spacious, they are far from utilitarian. I spent the night in a Queen room; there are also queen/twin loft rooms, quad bunk-bedded rooms, single rooms, double double rooms with two beds head to foot and a variety of suites. All rooms are customizable with leather fold away chairs, tables, racks and stools. There are no closets here, but an assortment of hooks, hangers and shelving to store your gear. The white walls, wainscoting and hardwood floors convey a very upscale summer camp bunkhouse vibe. The bathrooms are top of the line pool house tiles with gorgeous gray sinks and a shower you won’t want to come out of. Need extra towels, another pillow, a blanket, a shower cap, extra lotion, an iron? On each floor there is a closet marked Stash, where you can help yourself to anything you need at any hour.

Atrium “social space”

The fun at Moxy extends past the lobby into all the various public nooks and crannies throughout the property. Called “social spaces,” they can be used for reading, plugging in and people watching or having a meeting. All points face a wide center atrium that is filled with natural light and further extend the outdoor feel.

Roof bar at Moxy Times Square

And when it’s time to play, this is when Moxy is at its best. In addition to assorted game night competitions in the atrium areas, the year-round rooftop bar and lounge called Magic Hour is the place to be. The very adult carnival-like space features, among others, an elephant-themed bar, a moving carousel, mini putt-putt course with giant risqué animals instead of wooden bridges and topiaries in immodest poses. All this with spectacular views of the Empire State Building and beyond.


Although New York City is a food mecca unto itself, the five offerings at Moxy rival anything out there in the big city. The seafood I sampled at Legasea was so memorable I will certainly be back for more. The mussels, the crab cakes, the baked clams were all swoonable. When served in a laid-back brasserie venue, you have a winning combination. And, for breakfast, lunch or anytime of the day, Egghead serves up creative egg sandwiches. Try the egg salad with fried egg on a brioche…why didn’t I think of this combo before?

It was hard leaving Moxy… kinda like leaving a vacation. You know you have to go, but keep thinking of the fun you had. And then, on the way home, you make plans to do it all again.

Moxy Times Square, 485 Seventh Avenue (at 36th Street), New York, NY 10018


Shari Hartford is the former managing editor for Diversion magazine, where she wrote about travel in the northeast and cruising. She is currently a freelance writer and editor based in her hometown of New York City.


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