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Serious Biking and Wine: A Talk With Andy Levine of DuVine


Anyone looking for a luxury biking tour with serious riding and five-star hotel accommodations paired with extraordinary meals and notable wines will eventually come across DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. The much-lauded DuVine was started more than 20 years ago by Bostonian Andy Levine, whose energy and vision have created some incredibly memorable trips. I recently caught up Andy as DuVine heads into 2018 with new trips to Japan and South Africa.

Andy, many tour companies that offer biking trips branch out into walking and hiking departures. You’ve been steadfast in sticking to the biking lane. What makes a bike trip so special – and DuVine’s in particular?

While we do have some multi-sport family trips that offer other activities (like hiking, kayaking, or horseback riding) in addition to cycling, the decision to concentrate solely on bike tours was intentional. I think that focusing on one thing only enables DuVine to do what we do best. Traveling on a bike makes you a part of the landscape … more>

Andy Levine
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