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Priority Bicycles: How to Build a Better Bicycle

David Weiner, founder of Priority Bicycles

By Everett Potter

A couple of years ago, I came across a guy named David Weiner and his brand new bike at an outdoor gear show. The bike grabbed my eye because it was a handsome and seemingly well-made street cruiser. Only upon examination did I realize that it was something new. Not only was the bike extremely lightweight but in lieu of a steel chain, it had what appeared to be a rubber belt drive. It turned out that it wasn’t rubber, in fact, but carbon. There was no grease and it was the essence of simplicity.

Classic Plus Gotham Edition

The price of the bike, at under $500, was also a revelation, in a world where spending a couple of thousand bucks on a street steed is a given. Cut to 2018, where Priority Bicycles can be seen being ridden by the cool kids all over New York City. If you’ve stayed at a Viceroy Hotel & Resorts property, one of the Nantucket Island Resorts or the Wickaninnish Inn on Vancouver Island you may have ridden one, since they have each bought fleets of these very sturdy cruisers, which now come in multiple models.  I ran into David last week at his sleek storefront space in Tribeca and asked him about the origins of Priority Bicycles … more >



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