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7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Outdoor Travel Photos

Credit: Adam Barker

By Everett Potter

We’ve all been there and probably had the same results. You’re faced with a monumental scene of a Western canyon, a snowcapped Swiss mountain or a beach on Bali. So you take a few shots with your phone, or maybe the SLR you’ve dragged along for the trip. But chances are, the images you return with rarely if ever match the splendor of what you’ve just witnessed with your eyes. It’s the same result when you’re in Paris shooting the Eiffel Tower or your kid on the beach in Maui.


Credit: Adam Barker

Is it the camera’s fault? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s that you don’t have all the photo skills you need to take great outdoor shots?

Credit: Adam Barker

For the answers, I turned to Adam Barker, a Utah-based photographer who specializes in active lifestyle, outdoor and travel photography. Barker has traveled the globe capturing five-star imagery … continue reading

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