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Grand Manan Island Diary: A Whale Cove Cottages Rhapsody

View or Whale Cove from Orchardside Cottage

By Gary Walther

This morning Whale Cove was stuffed with magnesium-flare fog, so metallic-bright it repulsed the eye. The wind toyed with it, turning the top edge into wispy hunchbacks, and by sending all that moisture up the slope to Whale Cove Cottages, lent the air a cool, just-laundered scent.

The kitchen at Orchardside Cottage

The fog is gone now and the cove is draining, the bathtub ring (the high-tide line) emerging, and the little apron of stony beach across the water, THD’s sundial, surfacing bit by bit. Oh yes, the shady patch of tiger lilies in front of Orchardside Cottage is starting to bloom, and a  shoplifting seal is back at the herring weir.

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Gary Walther, the former editor-in-chief of Departures and ForbesLife, now writes “The Hotel Detective” column on Forbes.com

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