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Travel To Turks and Caicos For Beaches, Snorkeling — And Puppies

By Everett Potter

The Turks & Caicos, a staggeringly beautiful chain of islands, has all the elements of a classic Caribbean paradise: sun, sandy beaches, sublime resorts — and far too many stray dogs.

Strays are endemic across the entire Caribbean and on the Turks & Caicos, they call these dogs “Potcakes,” a name born of an island custom of feeding the poor hounds the caked food at the bottom of a cooking pot. It’s a Caribbean island breed that is a mix of German Shepherd, Labrador and Foxhound Terrier, with a sweet disposition and eyes that just won’t let you look away.

But when an Englishwoman named Jane Parker-Rauw came to the islands, she was heartbroken at the sight of so many strays, who were abused and treated as pests. So Parker-Rauw decided to remedy the situation … continue reading 

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