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Mountain Khakis: Much More than Khakis

m-passport-ec-ls-shirt-larkspurBy Everett Potter

I started wearing Mountain Khakis’ trademark pants about a decade ago. They were like Carhartts taken to a higher level – tough as hell, beyond durable, pants that you could wear on a plane, or in any ski town bar and then go have dinner at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole and not feel under dressed. Maybe that’s because Jackson Hole is where they were born — sketched on a napkin at the Shady Lady Saloon in town, according to local lore — and where the company is based to this day. I still have those pants and a few other pairs and they are my go-to workhorse wear for winter travel.

Lately, I’ve been test driving their shirts. Like the Passport EC Long Sleeve Shirt, which is a remarkable piece of clothing. It’s ultra-lightweight and in fact, seems to weigh virtually nothing. But it can easily pass for a dress shirt- I wore it under a blazer and with a tie at the very traditional and old fashioned Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island this summer, sitting on that famous porch looking out at Lake Huron. It also looked great at Tutka Bay Lodge in Alaska this fall. While it passed muster as a dress shirt at the retro Marx Brothers Café in Anchorage a few days later, a spicy red sauce from a fish entrée did it no favors and left me with a slasher-style mark across the front. No worries, some liberal use of Shout and it was as good as new. I like the near-secret zippered pocket on the front, opposite the buttoned pocket, ideal for stashing a credit card or cash. You need to look closely to even see the hint of the color-coordinated zipper that opens it. It’s a great shirt and I suspect I’ll have it for many trips to come. Though next time I may not order the fish.

The shirt lists for $94.95. Check it out at Mountain Khakis.

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