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Bluffworks: Pants for the Road

Bluffworks pants
Bluffworks pants

By Everett Potter

The ideal semi-dressy pants for traveling don’t wrinkle and are light enough for warm weather but give you a bit of warmth when temperatures plunge. They should have a few clever pockets but not endless appendages consisting of cargo pockets, buttons, loops and zippers that you never knew you needed.

Now try to find them.

Well, I finally did. They’re made by a company called Bluffworks and they are quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant as well as breathable. They’re also stylish as well, so you don’t get off a plane and walk into a meeting looking like you’re ready to climb Kilimanjaro. Bike commuters will find them ideal. So will travelers of all stripes.

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There is an extra zipper in each front pocket, which is ideal for securing your wallet, passport or phone. One of the back pockets has a zipper as well. Their regular fit has slim-cut legs (but not waists, thank you) and allows great freedom of movement, which is not a benefit of most dressy pants. They come in a range of colors, from charcoal gray and navy blue to velvet brown, black as well as khaki, spanning the sartorial gulch between hipsters and boomers. Their chinos have a more tailored fit and the Harvest Gold color will give you instant street cred in Berlin or Williamsburg. Me, I’m very happy with Navy Blue, which look great for virtually anyplace I can imagine finding myself on my travels – which in the near term includes walking through Manhattan for work and play, jaunts to Hawaii and Maine, and an upcoming trip to Alaska (though I’m not planning to wear them while sea kayaking). They’re a great fit, in every way.


Here are the specs

* 100% technical, breathable quick-dry polyester. Nylon pockets.

* Zippered front hidden internal security pocket to deter pickpockets. Large enough to hold your passport.

* Rear zippered pocket sized for an oversized travel wallet.

* Discrete side pocket phone storage to keep you from sitting on it. Fits an iPhone or a Galaxy S4.

* Hidden loop to clip keys or a security badge inside your front pocket.

* Nickle-free jean tack closure.

* Interior pocket images made to inspire.

* Designed and manufactured in New York City, of imported fabric from Taiwan.

* Machine washable. Line or tumble dry.

Prices start at $98. Visit Bluffworks



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  2. Nina
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