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Road Tested: Smith ChromaPop Sunglasses


Everett Potter

I’m as particular as the next guy about my sunglasses but never more so when I’m fly fishing, a sport that demands a good pair of polarized specs to cut the glare and help you read the water. So I decided to test a pair of Smith ChromaPop sunglasses, which claim to go some way beyond the idea of mere polarization.

Smith says that “By blocking specific color wave intersections as they pass through the lens, ChromaPop is able to eliminate color confusion, so your brain is recognizing true color, faster. ChromaPop optimizes color and increases clarity, enabling you to see the outside world with an unparalled level of vibrance.”

Smith ChromaPop Tenet sunglasses
Smith ChromaPop Tenet sunglasses

It was a good pitch and I was game to try them. I quickly found out that these aren’t the polarized glasses that you might buy from anyone else. They offered a really bright view of the world, did not fatigue the eyes and the wrap around style of the Tenet model meant they stayed on when I was casting. They passed my personal tests this summer when I was fly fishing at AMC’s Gorman Chairback Lodge in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. They are rather cool looking as well, about as cool as I’m going to get, at any rate. Fishing aside, they certainly seemed to enhance the near cinematic  interplay of the Atlantic Ocean and the deep green Dingle Peninsula when I brought them to Ireland on a hike this fall? But did they really help me land two decent landlocked salmon one afternoon on the AMC’s Long Pond? I’ll give them at least some of the credit.

Smith ChromaPop retail from $209.

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  1. November 5, 2014 at 7:12 am — Reply

    I personaly have not had the pleasure of trying your product I have however rear about them alot I travel the whole state of Al. for my job and they sound just like what I need, I am hate to admite it but I am getting older and my eyes are more senenitve to the light maybe I could do a TEST DRIVE for you I think my wife would KILL me if I spent that much money on sunglasses when we have so many DR. bills right now. I have been dx. with Chron’s and believe me its no fun. Good luck with your product

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