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Sleeping Around: Gurneys Resort & Spa in Montauk


By Shari Hartford

Now that the hipsters have landed in  Montauk – a fact simultaneously bemoaned and regaled by locals alike – those of us “old-time visitors” are hard-pressed to find the touch of old Montauk that we wax poetic about. Gurney’s Resort & Spa is just such a memory. Though spiffed up over the years, it’s still the same ambiance that has been attracting guests for decades. I recently paid a weekend visit to see what’s what and what’s new.

Last summer there was a new fire pit, lounge furniture and decking… perfect for cocktails while watching the sun set over the ocean.  And then Sandy came rolling in and the new deck and all its accoutrements rolled out to sea. Now, not only has all the damage been repaired, but the outer deck is better than ever, with the beloved fire pit back in action and beautiful comfy deck furniture in place for the season.

The Sea Water Spa and Fitness Center, opened in 1979, is a glistening facility that embraces the natural elements of its surroundings – the sea – to enhance the treatment options. The Thalasso programs utilize sea water and the various lotions and potions used in body treatments employ sea-worthy ingredients, too.

Gurneys' Sea Water Spa
Gurneys’ Sea Water Spa

On a previous visit I relished the Sea Water Herbal Bath. For half an hour, I relaxed in a heated European hydrotherapy tub filled with filtered seawater and a mix of herbs and scents that I had chosen. The pulsating jets plummeted all stress and muscle tension and left me feeling like a happy wet noodle. This visit I partook in a Maple Sugar Body Scrub and a new addition to the spa menu, the Organic Microdermabrasion Treatment. The skin treatment was ideal for my dry and sensitive skin and actually gave me a glow that previously had only been available through the magic of make-up. And what would a spa visit be without saunas, steam rooms, Roman Baths and Vichy showers?

Since the temperature was not exactly beachy, the indoor pool, with a chaise overlooking the ocean, was a perfect way to loll away the afternoon. Of course I took a break for lobster salad at the Café Monte.

Sure there are more sophisticated venues in Montauk. Sure you can rub elbows with a younger and trendier group. But why would you? At Gurney’s you have the Atlantic at your fingertips, beach lounges and a beach boy at your beckon call and a world-class spa…all without having to queue up with the other huddled masses.

What are you waiting for?


For more information, see gurneysinn.com



shari (1)  Shari Hartford is the former managing editor for Diversion magazine, where she wrote about travel in the northeast and cruising. She is currently a freelance writer and editor based in her hometown of New York City.



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