December 2012

  What were our favorite hotels in 2012? The contributors to Everett Potter’s Travel Report covered the waterfront from Maine to Maui, not to mention Paris, London and the Caribbean. Here are the hotels we didn’t want to leave – and the reasons why we’d gladly return to each and

If history is on our side, New England usually bounces back from a dismal ski season with an overwhelming amount of snow. The AMC is already preparing for this deluge by teaming up with local ski areas in New Hampshire. Stay at Highland Lodge in Crawford Notch or the Joe Dodge

By Everett Potter   1. The  Omni Mount Washington Resort The sprawling grand dame from 1902  is surrounded by trees and meadows, with the bulk of its namesake mountain rising behind it. This massive wooden structure with wide porches has a vast welcoming hallway festooned with antlers and comfortable chairs

Reviewed by Richard West Employing retrospective clairvoyance, i.e. Monday-morning quarterbacking, we find that, with the exception of our number one walkaway hit,  this year’s nonfiction travel narratives have not been memorable like a great love affair but satisfactory like a good tailor. The A-list Americans—Paul Theroux, William Least Heat-Moon, Tony

  In the three cities I’ve lived in longest, know best, and have minutely observed during the course of my adult life—New York, London and Paris, I’ve always been fascinated by the way a single restaurant can serve as the catalyst for major urban change. The archetype that immediately comes

By Well + Good  NYC Everyone loves a midnight toast with bubbly. But there are, in fact, other ways to celebrate the coming of the New Year. This year, amazing yogis and master meditation teachers from New York and across the country are using the holiday to help spiritual seekers

By Marian Betancourt The 19th century American writer, Washington Irving, called it “the lordly Hudson” in several of his books and indeed, this river that runs both ways through a 150 mile valley of rolling hills has always been a compelling place, not only as the setting of the country’s

By Richard West My 2012 Too-Hip-To-Grip Marketing Award goes to those amusing hommes and femmes at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome hotel. Here’s why. You’re not there very long, eyeing the glamorous heteroflexibles and other schmooseoisie who are eyeing each other or the eye-catching modern art (isn’t that a Roseline Granet?),