August 2012

By Bobbie Leigh Claude Monet always said that if he had not been a painter, he would have been a botanist.  But it was only at the turn of the century  when he became  one of the wealthiest artists in France could he combine his love of painting with plants. 

By Everett Potter The New York Botanical Garden’s current exhibit, “Monet’s Garden,” is a sharp-eyed take on the painter Claude Monet’’s gardens in Giverny, France. Less slavish recreation than savvy re-imagining, it was clearly put together with the care that this institution seems to bestow on everything it does. I

I’m just back from over two weeks in Costa Rica with the family. Even though the summer is the wet season in Costa Rica, the weather was perfect, usually raining at night to enhance our sleep. And the country is incredibly lush this time of year. This week, I want

  By Everett Potter When I was a kid, my grandparents and their next door neighbors, the Newells, would head north to the Rangeley Lakes region of Maine every September. Into the Oldsmobile would go the cooler, the fishing vests, and my grandfather’s bamboo fly rods. For the next two

By Alexander Lobrano It’s taken well over a decade, but the renovation of the Gare Saint Lazare, the busiest train station in France, has finally been completed, and despite the fact that the clear marching orders to the architect must have been to compress the public spaces in favor of

By Steve Jermanok Named after founder Ed Guzman,Club Ed has been teaching the fine art of surfing for more than 20 years from their home base in Santa Cruz, California. Kids over 9 can take courses with their parents, alone, or parents can try it with people their own age. Hey,