May 2012

Flyfishing for bones can be one of the most punishing sports known to man. You stalk the flats and see the large quarry, cast your long fly with precision, and then watch in utter frustration as the grazing pod scatters every which way. Averaging just four to seven pounds, the

By Richard West In Scandinavia, unlike America,  independent English-language bookshops do not seem to be going the way of the last Tasmanian, the Dodo, the final passenger pigeon, politicians with a conscience.  Amidst every major city there’s a truffling of stores selling new and second-hand books, offering reading clubs, appearances

By Steve Jermanok One of my favorite topics to write about the last couple years is how urban designers and landscape architects have recently created parks from contaminated settings, landfills, abandoned manufacturing plants, and no longer viable space such as an elevated train track on the lower West Side of

By Michaela S. Guzy Five days and counting until my two month solo journey across the second largest continent in the world!  This will be my first trip to eastern and southern Africa.  On Friday, South African Airways will fly me via Joberg, South Africa as the locals say and

By Everett Potter Berlin gets all the credit, but ­Austria—that nation of Klimt-worshipping, Sacher torte–eating opera­goers—practically ­invented nightlife.  More in my story in New York magazine …     Everett Potter is Editor in Chief of Everett Potter’s Travel Report

By Bobbie Leigh 1. The art scene:  more contemporary galleries, auction houses, and even an “art hotel”  (The Mandarin Oriental).   The old Pedder Building  at 12 Pedder Street is no longer the place for fashion insiders. Instead, it is rapidly becoming an art gallery  destination.  Gagosian and Hanart TZ Gallery

By Buzzy Gordon Eight years ago, I had my first exposure to Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of holistic medicine, which is enjoying a remarkable – and well-deserved – global renaissance. My experience with Panchakarma, Ayurveda’s detoxification regimen, was no less than transformational; after its five stages of cleansing, it was

By Julie Snyder Funny how traditions get started. One year during our annual anniversary weekend in San Francisco, Joe and I decided to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and ferry back. Now we can’t imagine a visit to the City by the Bay without this leisurely 7-mile

By Steve Jermanok & Lisa Leavitt We are very excited to announce the launch of our new membership-based travel consulting and booking agency called! As some of you know, Steve has been working as a professional travel writer since 1990, visiting more than 80 countries and writing over 1200