April 2012

By Everett Potter When I visited the mountainous and verdant Caribbean island of Martinique, I discovered a rainforest, sweeping sugarcane fields that rippled in the Caribbean breezes, and more beaches than I could count. Near empty beaches, in fact, with sand that ranged from black to near white. Dominated by

“Mais attendez, Monsieur–you brought steaks back to France with you from the United States? Vous etes completement fou ou quoi?” (Are you completely crazy or what?) Well, I’m not going to touch that interesting question from a French custom’s inspector with a barge pole, so I’ll just get it over

Photos and story by Rob Holmes & Jenny Ersbak Note: Green Living Project is in Africa, producing six new films across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and D.R. Congo,  documenting and showcasing  a diverse mix of leading international sustainability-related initiatives  Kenya is one of the most densely populated countries inAfrica– 40 million

By Steve Jermanok Ever since I wrote my first book, Outside Magazine’s Adventure Guide to New England, I’ve admired local outfitters who specialize in one sport and one region of the world. After all, who knows his neck of the woods better than the guy who lives there? These outfitters

By Steve Jermanok I was in Louisville several weeks ago researching and writing a story for The Washington Post on the emerging neighborhood on East Market Street called NuLu. I dined on tasty southern fare like fried chicken livers doused in a bourbon sauce at Harvest, recently named one of

By Everett Potter The major American airport that delivers the most seamless experience isn’t on any coast. It wins over fliers with shopping and dining options, the ease of check-in and security, and the friendliness typical of its city hub. So breathe a sigh of relief if you’ve booked a

By Ian Keown It might seem odd that what first impressed me about the annual summer festival at Tanglewood in Massachusetts was the parking. I arrived there by car after a two-hour drive up the Taconic Parkway only to become enmeshed in a stream of cars on the outskirts of

By Everett Potter “It took five days for the rescue ship Mackay-Bennet to reach the site where the Titanic went down onApril 16, 1912” said Blair Beed, as we gazed out over the mistyharborofHalifax,Nova Scotia. “By the time they got there, and saw the bodies bobbing in their life jackets,

By Steve Jermanok If, like me, you’re going through Downton Abbey withdrawal, now that the second season has finished, you’ll be happy to know that there is a temporary cure. Fans can not only tour Highclere Castle, the estate where the series is filmed, but you can join the property’s

By Mary Alice Kellogg SpaWatcher dreams of a place where loofahs grow on trees. She also dreams of that perfect little spa that doesn’t need big bells and whistles to be impressive, where spirit of place and personalized technique rule. She found it at Sugar Ridge Resort in Antigua, and