March 2012

By Mary Alice Kellogg SpaWatcher has a soft spot for the Sonoran desert of Southeastern Arizona, which happens to be where she was born and raised. Recently she hopped the next plane to check out the newest spa contender in the region that gave us Canyon Ranch and Miraval. The

Last summer, Boston followed in the footsteps of Montreal and Denver and initiated a bike-sharing program. The Hubwayfeatures 600 bikes in 61 stations throughout the city. You pay a yearly or daily membership fee and the cost of rental for the ride (trips shorter than 30 minutes are free) and bike

  By Tom Passavant Let’s face it: Exploring Rome is at once exhilarating and exhausting. All those churches! All that pasta! And yes, all those guidebooks and maps and web sites and blogs that purport to explain it all for you. After four weeks of daily explorations, not to mention

By Everett Potter On a recent Sunday morning, I arose at 4:45 am in the dusty village of Jomsom, Nepal which sits on the northern edge of the Annapurna range at about 9,000 feet. I had spent nearly three weeks traveling around Nepal with Dr. Antonia Neubauer, founder of the

By Everett Potter Which former president greets nearly six million people a year? Well, it’s not George W. Bush or George Washington, but if you guessed Abraham Lincoln, you’re correct. The Lincoln Memorial is America’s most popular monument by far. It’s certainly not the only one of America’s most-visited national

By Steve Jermanok Other biking outfitters have tried to emulate Butterfield & Robinson, but none can approach George Butterfield’s panache. Since he started his company in 1966, Butterfield’s ultra-sybaritic jaunts have included biking through France’s Loire Valley where you spend the night at a different private castle each evening. All

By Gerrie Summers Jet setters can leave long TSA lines and flights and hectic meetings behind and luxuriate in a Sacred Space. Sacred Space is a bespoke wellness service, launching in New York City.  This special service is the brainchild of Shelley Lewis, a world traveler and entrepreneur living between

by Alexander Lobrano The longer I live in the 9th arrondissement, the more I like it, and one of the main reasons why is that my neighbors in this wonderful quartierreally love good food. If it was an admirable pitch of turf when I first crossed the Seine twelve years