February 2012

  Richard West As surely as Hardy follows Laurel, the most attractive books that cross my desk year after year come from Haus Publishing’s The Armchair Traveller series. It’s not just their beautiful endpaper maps, Claude Garamond’s elegant typeset, or the fine writing, no, it’s also their distinctive size and

by Eleanor Berman The drastic contrasts between the ancient and modern worlds make China one of the world’s most fascinating destinations. New China dazzles, but two of the great ancient sights, the Great Wall and the buried army of life-size terra cotta warriors, remain among the world’s wonders, and good

by Steve Jermanok The big news out of Berlin this year is the opening of the $3.4 billion Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport, set to make its debut on June 3rd. However, I’m more excited at what Berlin did with its former airport, Tempelhof, which is now the vast Tempelhofer Freiheit public

By Marian Betancourt Nashville is the home of country music, but this sophisticated city has a lot more going on, such as a world class symphony, thriving art scene, and the world’s only exact replica of the Parthenon, built to honor the intent of the 1779 city founders that this

Everett Potter What did we do on our winter break? My wife and I took our daughter and her cousin, ages 9 and 11 respectively, due north to the land of museums, kid-friendly restaurants, and North America’s first Snow Village. It’s called Montreal. Montreal in winter? With kids? Well, why

The Deal:  So you’ve dreamed of writing and publishing your own version of Under the Tuscan Sun or A Year in Provence? Then consider the Every Life Is A Moveable Feast travel writing workshop to be held this spring at the Château des Sablons in France’s historic and picturesque Loire Valley. What’s

The Deal: What do you get when you combine a love of adventure with a love of free trade coffee? Adventurous Joe, a new Maine-based company started by John Connolly, former manager of  L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools. Connolly not only imports coffees from Costa Rica and Peru under the

Reviewed by Bobbie Leigh Where can you  see a world where everyone is happy, healthy,  and  meticulously dressed in the latest fashion? Nine  iconic  Pierre-Auguste Renoir paintings at The Frick Collection  fit the bill.  They  are  Renoir’s gift to us.  Forget about the criticisms you are likely to hear—too  sensual,