January 2012

By Bobbie Leigh Don’t be misled. The Dia Art Foundation exhibition of Jean-Luc Moulène’s Opus + One is not an IQ test.  You don’t have to “get it” to relish what this immensely poetic artist is presenting.  At Dia Beacon, there are no labels, no wall texts,  just the work

  By David McKay Wilson On the third day, it snowed. It wasn’t an epic Jackson Hole storm, like the ones that dumped 557 inches at the Wyoming resort the previous year, or the storm that began as we departed, and left more than five feet on the mountain before

By Everett Potter A couple of months ago, I attended the Adventure Travel World Summit in the charming colonial city of San Cristobal in Chiapas, Mexico. This yearly gathering brings together some of the best and brightest minds — and companies — in the adventure travel world. One of those

  By Steve Jermanok To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wildland Adventures, founders Kurt and Anne Kutay will return to their roots, personally guiding a fortunate group of travelers to the highlights of Turkey. You’ll start in Istanbul, then fly to Kayseri (where I once had the best Iskendar kebab

By Everett Potter Forgive me, Philadelphia, but you got lost in my East Coast shuffle between DC and New York City. The backstory: it had been decades since I last set foot in the City of Brotherly Love and when I visited a couple of weeks ago, the city bore

By Steve Jermanok Named the World’s Best Safari Outfitter by readers of Travel & Leisure, Micato always seems to come up with something original each year. In 2012, the Kenyan-based owners are teaming with some of the country’s best-known athletes to create an elite running vacation. Your host is Kip

  by Tom Passavant A hot day in New York City, summer 1978. My friend Jim Petersen walks into my office at Playboy magazine. “I hear the guys downstairs at Playboy Press want to do some lifestyle books. Let’s go talk to them.” Jim pitches Charlie, the editorial director, an

By Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue Let’s just come out and say it: Pretty yoga studios matter. Sure, it’s really all about inner reflection, but when a space feels sacred, so does your practice. Design details, after all—like the amount of light in a room or a deep, warm wall

  By Alexander Lobrano Since I’m unapologetically obsessed by good food, it almost never happens that I leave the house without knowing where I’m going to eat. Most of the time, in fact, my destination has been carefully researched, and when possible, I love reading a menu online beforehand, partly

By David McKay Wilson Since my arrival in the Rockies in late March, I’d peered up at Crested Butte Mountain, that 12,161-foot peak with some of Colorado’s most challenging ski terrain, and dreamed of skiing down the chutes that spill down its western face. On the last day of our