August 2011

  By Everett Potter   When Andrew Schrage discovered that his seatback TV wasn’t working on his JetBlue flight from Chicago to Boston, he didn’t wait until he landed to complain to the airline. Schrage, an editor at the website, tweeted @JetBlue before the plane took off, and the

The view from the kitchen window. Photo by Gayle Potter. By Everett Potter I’ve spent the past few weeks lakeside in western Maine, in a cabin — or “camp” in Maine-speak — that dates back to the 1940’s or earlier, slowing down and trying to remove myself  — if only

By Joan Rattner Heilman It’s not all about fish at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.  Along with watery wonders like exotic jellyfish, toothy sharks, and slithering stingrays, the newest programs are all about creatures who walk on the land, fly, and maybe do some swimming as well.  For example, the

  By Steve Jermanok Last week, I had the chance to catch up with renowned Chicago biker, Fran Leavitt. Fran has taken at least one international bike trip a year for the past 20 years. These include jaunts on the Garden Route to Capetown, South Africa, on the winding backcountry

  By Catherine Streeter There’s a lot to be said for visiting Los Angeles in the winter.  For those of us living in such seasonally unpleasant places as Toronto or New York, it’s an escape to sunshine.  You won’t exactly find yourself sporting a bikini in January, but it’s a

  By Ed Wetschler Central Park, a two-and-one-half mile-long swath of green in the heart of Manhattan, is right up there with Times Square and Ground Zero as must-see sights for visitors to New York City. And the part of Central Park that gets the most visitors per acre (yes,

  By Steve Jermanok The small strip of pavement forms a straight line into the horizon like an express route to freedom. Astride my bike, I zip over bridges and through tunnels, past large ponds, salt marshes and cranberry bogs, all while breathing in the sweet smell of spring wildflowers