July 2011

  By Laura Stack I fly over 100,000 miles a year on United Airlines. It’s a job hazard as a professional speaker. Parts of it I hate, and some things I actually enjoy, such as working uninterrupted on a plane.. However, with a little practice, you can learn how to

  By Steve Jermanok Cape Cod National Seashore’s longest trail, the 7-mile round-trip Great Island Trail, is worthy of being designated a hike, not a walk. This 3-hour plus trail through marsh, woods, and soft sand is a strenuous thigh-burner. The trail follows the circumference of Great Island, a former

  THE BACKGROUND: If you haven’t heard of explora, you may still have seen the iconic pictures of a remote lodge with the peaks of the snow covered Torres del Paine rising before it (above). explora basically created the high end adventure lodge when it opened this property in Patagonia

Reviewed by Richard West “Ah! To wander over Paris!” wrote Honore de Balzac. “What an adorable and delectable existence is that! Flanerie is a form of science, it is the gastronomy of the eye.”  If true (and it is), Paris is the world’s great eyegasm banquet , not only for

  By Bobbie Leigh When Joshua David and Robert Hammond met for the first time  at a community board meeting in  1999,  they were dumbfounded.  Not one other person was there to  protest the destruction of  a decrepit,  elevated rail structure that snaked around the far West Side of Manhattan. 

  Interview By Everett Potter On July 30, 2011, chefs, farmers and backyard barbecue fans will celebrate Canada’s bounty by cooking, eating and raising a glass at Food Day Canada. This is a nationwide event that was created by culinary activist, educator, and writer Anita Stewart. For more than 25

  By Steve Jermanok Writer Walt Whitman described the waters of Quebec’s Saguenay Fjord as “dark as ink, exquisitely polished and sheeny under the August sun.”  That’s exactly the time of year you’ll be headed to Saguenay on a weeklong camping trip with the highly reputable sea kayaking outfitter, H2Outfitters.