July 2011

Interview by Everett Potter If you’re in New York City on  July 28, consider crossing the bridge to Brooklyn to see the latest film premiere by Green Living Project.”The Best of Global Sustainability” highlights green projects in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and New Mexico. I spoke with Green Living Project founder

Geocaching is ideal on summer hikes.

By Steve Jermanok Geocachers savor the opportunity to get lost in the woods, but never get too disoriented because they always carry a Garmin GPS system that will direct them to the exact spot they need to find. The sport is a modern-day treasure hunt where you locate objects in

By Nan Lyons In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I am simply besotted by the culinary achievements of Lidia Bastianich, the north star of the ever growing Bastianich empire. The word ICON has been used to describe everyone from Donald Duck to Donald Trump but in

  By Ian Keown That first sight of the Royal Scotsman’s burnished mahogany and burled walnuts, its marquetry panels and etched glass thistles instantly downloads memories of Hercules Poirot or James Bond high-tailing it across Europe on the Orient-Express.  So I was not at all surprised when, on my first

By Alexander Lobrano One of the oddest features of Paris’s cityscape has long been the corridor of tawdry sex shows and shops that line the boulevards de Clichy and Rochechouart between the 18th and 9th arrondissements. Though this neighborhood originally thrived around the turn of the 19th century as a

The view from the Island Inn on Monhegan towards Manana Island. Credit the Island Inn. Everett Potter It had been 10 years since I last set foot on Monhegan Island, so on a sunny morning last summer, with my  wife, daughter and niece in tow, we took the ferry from

By John Grossmann Most everywhere in America is a good place on the 4th of July. But Portland, Maine, is an especially great place to celebrate the de facto kickoff of summer.  Three recent Independence Day visits to this charming coastal community have driven home the many pleasures of Portland,

  By Bobbie Leigh The city bought Governors Island for a dollar in 2003. There probably  has  never been a better deal since the Indians traded Manna-Hattin for beads, cloth, and a few trinkets in  1626.  Formerly a run-down,  dreary, abandoned military base, the 172-acre  island with a prison for