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Road Warrior: Spend a Little Money the Next Time You Travel

Get thee to a lounge -- in this case, Lufthansa's lounge at JFK


By Laura Stack

In some situations, trying to be economical can shoot a hole in your productivity. For example: why waste time driving to the airport and back when you can pay someone else to drive you, while you work on the way? Once you factor in the aggravation of finding a parking spot and getting to the terminal, not to mention toll charges and parking fees, it’s usually more profitable and productive to hire a sedan service or shuttle to take you from door to door. It’s delegation in action: you pay someone else to do the lower value work while you take care of the high value things you do best.

This concept translates to other travel options that some may consider lavish, like joining airline clubs or paying for VIP privileges, which are good ideas if you travel a lot and often fly the same carrier. As a 1K on United (100,000+ miles flown per year), not only do I get to board earlier than everyone else and grab that overhead space, I get free upgrades to first class on almost every flight, plus separate check-in, security, and boarding lines. In many cases, you also have access to quiet airport lounges where you can get work done in comfort–not to mention the fact that you can accrue frequent flier miles for later use.

Similarly, cheap hotel accommodations can cost you in the end, because you can’t count on them providing the type of setting or amenities that you need to get your work done. It’s worth paying a little extra for quality and comfort in both instances if you know you can knock out enough work to more than pay for the extra expense.



Since 1992, Laura Stack has presented keynotes and seminars that help leaders, teams, and individuals achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time®. As the President of The Productivity Pro®, Inc., she has implemented productivity-improvement programs at companies such as Wal-Mart, Cisco Systems, and Bank of America, as well as government agencies and national associations.  She is the bestselling author of four books and has been a spokesperson for Microsoft, 3M, Xerox, and Office Depot. Laura is the 2011-2012 president of the National Speakers Association.  To have Laura speak at your next event, visit www.TheProductivityPro.com.


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