February 2011

By Alexander Lobrano It’s a continuing challenge for me to cover the top of the Paris food chain for obvious economic reasons, so I was thrilled when a very old friend–we went to Kindergarten together in Greens Farms, Connecticut, called to say that she and her three white miniature poodles

Story and photos by Denise Mattia A pale wintry light pierced the Vienna sky at dawn, revealing the tops of roofs and the silhouette of the Hofburg Palace Dome. I returned to my room ready for a journey by train from Vienna to the Wachau Valley in Krems, traveling on

By Steve Jermanok At the southernmost tip of Costa Rica, Lapa Rios is a 1,000-acre private rain forest perched above the Pacific Ocean. 16 spacious bungalows feature hardwood floors, bamboo walls, and vaulted thatched roof ceilings created from local palm trees. Yes, those outdoor showers are solar-powered and more than

What happens when you become injured or ill when you’re traveling abroad? Ideally, you have a policy from a company like On Call International, a leading provider of customized medical, security and travel assistance for international business and leisure travelers. On Call International’s has a multi-lingual team of Assistance Coordinators

By Nan Lyons Most people read restaurant reviews as if they were searching for a combination of elements that will bring with them not only a confirmation that this is the newest, the hottest, the in-est place to exercise their credit cards but also the promise of one of the

By Steve Jermanok Helicopter pilots know the soothing effect of music when flying dangerously close to a glacier in British Colombia or that river of lava on the Big Island of Hawaii. Throw on those headphones and listen to some mellow Pink Floyd to quiet those nerves. The calming influence

By Kristin Rust When in Morocco, there is nothing more local then the public hammam. A Hammam is a public bath house with an ancient history dating back to 600 AD. When Mohammad recommended the use of hot sweat baths to his followers, Islamic Hammam were like Starbucks. It remains