August 2010

By Steve Jermanok All it took was one evening at the Wequassett to realize why folks return to this Cape Cod resort year after year, generation after generation. Sweating profusely from an unusually humid day in these parts, my wife and I entered their signature restaurant, twenty-eight Atlantic and were

By David McKay Wilson On our last morning in Cape May, I awoke to the smell of bacon wafting from the kitchen of our seven-bedroom vacation home, a block from the Atlantic Ocean.  Our family had gathered for our annual vacation at the New Jersey shore, and as we prepared

By Mary Alice Kellogg SpaWatcher looked forward to The Spa at Trump SoHo opening, particularly since the buzz promised a heady Moroccan ambiance. Could this newest entry in the Manhattan relaxation sweepstakes revive memories of  SpaWatcher's  weekend taking the waters with Rick and Isla in Casablanca?

Tanonga Luxury Eco Lodge. By John Grossmann After you swim with the sea lions or dolphins or southern bluefin tuna, or possibly even brave a cage-dive encounter with great white sharks off South Australia's waiting-to-be-discovered Eyre Peninsula, there's now an alluring spot to retreat to back on terra firma. That

The King of Mustang and Steve Conlon. I met Steve Conlon about 15 years ago, after a friend traveled to Nepal with him and his company, Above the Clouds. She had enormous respect and confidence in Steve as a leader and a creator of authentic experiences in the Himalayas. He’s

I spent last Saturday biking around Manhattan with my son and friends, led by my old college roommate, Alex Cigale. Now living in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, near the northern tip of the island, Cigale is an avid biker who commutes to work in Midtown on two wheels

The legendary view from the equally legendary La Tour d'Argent in Paris. Walking to lunch at La Tour d'Argent from the Metro station at Maubert-Mutualite, I found myself so lost in thought that this post might never have seen the light of day if a strong-armed and quick-witted old lady

Lining the North Carolina coast, the Outer Banks are barriers of sand 150 miles long and never more than a few miles wide. These islands serve as welcome mats to the Atlantic and her many changing moods. Hurricanes, northeasters, and low pressure disturbances along the jet stream are quite common

Karen Roach of the University of Wisconsin Worldview (my grad school alma mater) interviewed me recently on the subject of blogging. Here's the lowdown. When and why did you start your blog? I started my blog, Everett Potter’s Travel Report, in May 2006, largely as a place to write stories

By Suzy Gershman All of Gaul may be divided into three parts, but the shopping at CDG's newish Terminal E has a lot more parts to it. And a lot more fun than any threesome. Terminal E may be ten years old — I lose track of these things, but