July 2010

Summer reservations are already up 8 to 9 percent at campgrounds across America, another strong sign that travelers are once again striving for affordability. But if you think those campers are sticking solely to RVs and tents, you’d be wrong. All across the country, campgrounds are building cabins to accommodate

Guide in the Boundary Waters, Minnesota. Maybe it’s the 1,000,000-plus acres of seemingly endless wilderness—a whopping 1200 miles of canoeable waters through countless lakes, rivers, and ponds—that gets paddlers all dreamy-eyed over Minnesota’s northern frontier, the Boundary Waters. You can go days without seeing another person, replaced instead by moose,

In the history of Christendom, there are relics, and then there is the “prepuzio,” the Holy Foreskin of Jesus Christ. It had been in safely kept in the crumbling Italian hilltown of Calcata for centuries but disappeared in December of 1983. Writer David Farley set out to investigate the mystery