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Steve Jermanok’s Active Travels: Sitka, Alaska

Sea otters

Unlike Juneau and Ketchikan, where cruise ship passengers are quickly
immersed in streets filled with jewelry, T-shirts, and other souvenir
shops, Sitka has more of an authentic feel.

Stroll through the totem
poles found at Sitka National Historic Park to the Alaska Raptor
Center. Every year, 100 to 200 birds of prey, including bald eagles,
peregrine falcons, red-tail hawks and owls are brought to this large
aviary hospital to rehabilitate. After your fill of town, splurge for
the 3-hour Sea Otter & Wildlife Quest
Not only will you view exquisite scenery like volcanic Mt. Edgecomb and
the snowcapped peaks that rise dramatically from the shores of Redoubt
Bay, but the abundance of marine life is astounding. Within moments of
leaving the docks at Sitka, humpbacks raise their tales, followed by
harbor seals, bald eagles standing in the tall spruces, a colony of
more than 50 sea otters (above) lounging in the kelp, puffins with their orange
beaks, and sea lions. Visit Active Travels.

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  1. Matt Carey
    June 24, 2010 at 6:50 am — Reply

    The 2009 Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds/Betty White romantic comedy “The Proposal” was set in Sitka, AK. Do you know what town was the stand-in for Sitka? Rockport, MA of all places…MC

  2. June 24, 2010 at 7:00 am — Reply

    Well, they’re both on the water and they both have rocks, but there’s a remarkable dearth of Russian Orthodox churches, native American influence, grizzlies, and large fish (alas)in Rockport. Hooray for Hollywood.

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