Here’s a new search engine site that you may just have to bookmark. It’s called InsideTrip and it claims to be the most “advanced flight rating technology for consumers.” It’s been in beta for two years and it finally launched on May 20, offering what they call “TripQualitySM.” What that means is that their search rates airline itineraries on 12 elements, including seat pitch and aircraft size. Two features that I especially like are "FinalAirfareSM," which estimates your bag and drink costs, and the "Flight Connection Risk Indicator," which  lets you know when a connecting itinerary could be a big mistake, such as a chronically late inbound flight with a short layover. In short, the theory behind InsideTrip is that best way to get from A to B is about much more than getting the best price — though they seem to do that as well. Check it out at

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