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Steve Jermanok’s Active Travels: Rwanda


No one needs to be reminded of the brutal atrocities committed in
Rwanda in the 90s, where over a span of several months more than a
million people were murdered. Thankfully, old wounds can heal. The
small central African country that borders Uganda to the north and
Tanzania to the east has transformed from “Hotel Rwanda” to Nyungwe Forest Lodge,
a five-star resort set to open next week. Set in the mountainous
southwestern part of the country in Nyungwe National Park, the region
is known for its ancient rainforest canopy with more than 200 different
types of trees from the giant lobelia to the African mahogany. Take a
walk with naturalists and you’ll also find 13 species of primates
ranging from chimpanzees to acrobatic black-and-white colobus monkeys
to the baboon-like Grey-cheeked Mangabeys. The lodge is managed by the
Mantis Group, who run luxury boutique hotels through the game preserves
of South Africa. Visit Active Travels.

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