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Dinner with Alexander Lobrano in Paris


Dinner with Alexander Lobrano (above) in Paris.

Our own Alexander Lobrano, former European correspondent for Gourmet and the author of Hungry for Paris: The Ultimate Guide to the City's Best 102 Restaurants, has started the Paris Supper Club with his colleague Wendy Lynn, founder of The Paris Kitchen blog. They plan to host a limited number of dinners in Paris.

    “I decided to do this because I've been getting so many emails from people asking me if I'd join them for a meal during a visit to Paris,” Lobrano says. “I couldn't possibly accept all of these nice suggestions, but it seemed to indicate that there was a market for a hosted Paris dining experience. Our first supper sold out immediately and is scheduled for next Thursday.”

    The premise is to enable visitors to Paris to get inside information from two of the city's most knowledgeable food insiders, sample a specially chosen menu in one of our favorite restaurants, and meet other English-speaking travelers or locals who love good food and wine, and the pleasures of the table The next Paris Supper Club dinner is scheduled for May 6, 2010 at La Gazzetta, which Lobrano says has “some of the most inventive and most delicious cooking in Paris by a young Swedish chef who previously worked in Provence.” On May 20, 2010, it will be dinner at Jadis, which Lobrano says “is worth traveling deep into the 15th arrondissement to sample young chef Guillaume Delage's fine French food.”

    For more information, email  theparissupperclub@gmail.com

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