November 2009

Jeff Greenwald is a veteran traveler, journalist, author (Shopping for Buddhas, The Size of the World) and arguably the most persuasive guy around for ethical travel. In fact, he co-founded Ethical Traveler, “a global community dedicated to exploring the ambassadorial potential of world travel.” I heard Jeff speak at the

  Reviewed by Richard West David Byrne has gone from writing charmingly goofy lyrics while fronting for Talking Heads, the art-school punk band he cofounded in the 1970’s, to a polymathic avant-gardist involved in movie directing, art installations, photography, collaborations with Twyla Tharp, and now a prose stylist with Bicycle

  This is the busiest flying week of the year and a good time to reflect that the journey, not the arrival, is what seems to matter more than ever these days. That’s because flying from A to B is the toughest part of any trip. But if you’re proactive,

Gavin Fine (left) with partner and executive chef Roger Freedman. Photo by David Agnello. What do skiers like to do after a great day on the slopes? Eating well ranks right up there. But a great mountain demands a great restaurant as a follow up, and alas, that’s not always

“Swimgloat.” A Joycean word James coined as an expression of joy that comes from a great success. You confidently can assume Dallas is swimgloating after the October 12th sockeroo opening of its $354 million, 10-acre AT&T Performing Arts Center on a once humdrum, parking lot-littered landscape on the edge of downtown. Now there’s the ruby red luminous drum of the Winspear Opera House; the nine-story boxed Wyly Theatre, stark and glacial with its facade of hundreds of rippling aluminum tubes; a connecting landscaped park by M. Desvigne of Paris; and the still a-building City Performance Hall and the Annette Strauss Artist Square (capacity: 5,000) for outdoor shows.

For the Zoo. Charles Paine. 1921. Estimate $1,000-$1,500.        If you're lucky enough to be in midtown Manhattan on November 18, wander over to Swann Galleries on East 25th Street. There you’ll see a steamship docked at a palm-fringed island. A gaggle of penguins from the London Zoo. A

Street life in Copenhagen. By Mary Alice Kellogg Copenhagen and Stockholm are two singular cities — for starters, being capitals of Denmark and Sweden, with Copenhagen arguably more European than Scandinavian by nature. But a recent visit proved that they have more in common than one would suppose: both are