April 2009

       If I had $1,000 to spend on a vacation this summer, where would I spend $1,000?     That's easy. I'd think of staying in a home. And no, I don't mean the vacation du jour, the "staycation." I mean renting someone else's home.     Renting a condo, a

  (Photo courtesy of the Fleet Street Clinic) By Betsy Wade       "They sit here and they're angry," said Rebecca Acosta, executive director of Traveler's Medical Service in New York, indicating the patient's seat beside her desk. "They hear about vaccinations they should get before they travel and they're

    If you become seriously ill or injured while you’re traveling – that’s ill as in requiring hospitalization – you’ll likely want nothing more than to be at home with your family and your own doctor in a nearby hospital.     But guess who pays to have you repatriated

    (The view from The Island Inn on Monhegan Island, courtesy Island Inn)          I love islands, and I love the state of Maine, so the combination is pretty much guaranteed to satisfy. That’s why I was a happy sailor when the Elizabeth Ann pulled out of Port Clyde,

        In spring, many a young man’s fancy turns to fly fishing. The same could be said of many young women I know. Who better to ask about the appeal of flying fishing than LL Bean fishing expert Mac McKeever (above). McKeever works for Bean's department of Public Affairs

            It's a scene that evokes a 19th century painting. A tall masted ship is sailing past a chain of rugged islands that lie off a rocky coastline. The only sounds are of the wind filling the canvas sails, the creaking of the ship's timbers, and the squawk

Reviewed by Richard West         In Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar, Paul Theroux asks, “what traveler backtracked to take the great trip again?”      “Traveler” meaning fine writer, as he lists those who never did: Graham Greene, Jan Morris, Joseph

         I met Victoria Lemstra Bake and her husband, Floris, nearly a dozen years ago, in the wisteria-clad Burgundian town of Beaune. She was in charge of Butterfield & Robinson's European biking and hiking operations and he was working in the wine business.     Fast forward to 2009.

      Twitter, the 140-characters-at-a-time Web phenomenon of the moment, turns out to be a powerful tool for travelers. It can take you deep into the collective mind of the Internet to find the latest—and often the hippest—information about hotels, restaurants, and airfare deals. And lots of travelers are discovering the

     What is the state of adventure travel in 2009? It’s tempting to simply answer, “It’s all on sale.”     Well, sure, as in every other area of the travel industry, there are discounts galore, and you can see them below. They come from Myths & Mountains (above), named