March 2009

Photo by Christina Heyniger,      What's happening to the world of adventure travel during this global recession? The man to ask is Shannon Stowell (above right), president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), an organization that has grown into the largest international association of adventure travel companies. There

        If the current state of the world makes you want to truly get away from it all, there’s a lot to be said for staying in a remote lighthouse. It’s romantic and exotic, and you’re pretty much guaranteed unimpeded sea views. The good news is that

  Reviewed by Richard West     “And what will you be having, yourself? “A pint of your finest.”     In Dublin that would be a Guinness as you wait for the proper pour: the familiar oval glass tilted at 45 degrees while being filled, then left to settle at

OpenSkies is an airline that offers two-class seating in 757's with a maximum of 64 passengers on board. It aims to succeed where other companies have failed in offering a less expensive way to fly transatlantic in business class. It's also a subsidiary of British Airways, which gives it deeper

This morning, I skied fresh corduroy at  Deer Valley under cobalt blue skies. Yesterday, I navigated eight inches of fresh snow at Sundance (above) in the midst of a classic Wasatch storm. On both days, crowds were not an issue. It’s spring skiing time in Utah, and Utah plus sun

    One flight to the islands can save you money. So find out if an island has nonstop service from a major U.S. hub such as New York, Atlanta or Miami. If so, it's a reasonable bet that it ranks as an affordable paradise. After all, it's cheaper to pay

  By Bobbie Leigh  Gouged out of soft stone, the cave dwellings in the  steep, craggy cliffs of  Matera  are  without a doubt the most unusual in all of Italy. There's  probably nothing like their chaotic, troglodyte "spontaneous architecture" in the rest of Europe either.  Anyone traveling to Puglia, Naples,