December 2008

  Most of us are eager to forget 2008 and move on to better things in 2009. But there are a few hotels that I discovered this past year that bear revisiting, three special places that stand out. A stay at any one of them is energizing and a fitting

Reviewed by Richard West     “The song of the nomad predates the scribbling of the settler,” wrote Russian poet Joseph Brodsky. Not surprising then that Homer’s “paths of songs”, his account of Odysseus’ travels, is traced again  in one of our top ten narratives. Or that we have two excellent

    Reviewed by Bobbie Leigh         If your eyes glaze over when you confront contemporary cartoonish art or the current mode for satiric surrealism, you need to go back in time and search out books about the  early Renaissance in general and the paintings of Giovanni Bellini in particular. 

Getting to the mountains by air is usually the toughest part of any ski trip. A 10 minute lift line? A half-mile of double black diamond moguls? No sweat, compared to a snowstorm at LaGuardia, a missed connection in Minneapolis or a mechanical delay in Houston. But the good news

The Downhill Racer was wearing a blue Patagonia vest and wraparound shades, and his mane of blonde hair shook as he negotiated the firm bumps on Badlands with measurable grace, his marquee smile visible 50 yards away.     “Sundance is about skiing that’s as unfettered as possible,” Robert Redford explained