September 2008

Like old wives’ tales, the great travel myths seem to have a life of their own. Changing times and technology have rendered them obsolete, but still, they endure. So once and for all, let’s put 15 of the most stubborn myths to rest. 1. YOU CAN NEVER FIND AN AIRFARE

BACKSTORY: The Maze is a bed & breakfast with one of the most astounding views in Rio, a panorama that includes Sugarloaf and the islands of Guanabara Bay. But it’s also in one of the city’s most astounding neighborhoods; Tavares Bastos, a favela. The favelas of Rio, ramshackle squatter quarters

BACKSTORY: If you’re looking for a great, comfortable and quiet room with a terrific view of the half-moon shaped Copacabana beach and Guanabara Bay, you probably want to stay at the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro. Back in the 1980’s, Frank Sinatra opened the then-new hotel when it was called the

Last Sunday night was a balmy evening in Ipanema and I had just stepped out of Capricciosa, a trendy pizzeria on the corner of Rua Vinicius de Moraes, when I heard live bossa nova playing. Across the narrow street, in front of a shop called Toca do Vinicius, about 100

Which car rental company is the best? Only a few come close to that sweet spot of tech innovation, cool cars, a price you can handle, and a frequent renter program that gets you off the lot as fast as possible. But remember, what works for large corporations with corporate

-Richard West An automobile is just a mobile box, airliners isolating metal tubes whizzing through space. But a train is its own world with great character: mysterious, romantic, and, yes, also ordinary but where commonplace actions can gain a new perspective. When we travel by rail the train itself, unlike