August 2008

Review by Richard West "How pleasant ’tis to travel brisk," wrote Samuel Coleridge after riding the Liverpool stage in 1812. "The horror" Paul Theroux (left) surely would reply thinking of today’s even brisker air travel: the complete absence of mystique, delays, obtrusive searches, impatient passengers, the jet-lagged, hemlockian sleepiness that

-Bobbie Leigh It might have been Oscar Wilde who famously said: "Gentlemen don’t wear green." Thomas Hope had similar restrictions not about menswear, but walls. For Hope, green should never be the color of interior walls. It was deemed inappropriate, a crude and unnecessary imitation of nature. Thomas Hope (1769-1831),

–Alexander Lobrano Like many Americans, I find myself with a complex set of feelings towards China. At once, I am fascinated by the country, at once admiring of and apprehensive about its rise to power and its impact on the economic well-being of the United States, and slightly befuddled by

With all of the attention on the Olympic Games in Beijing, this seems like a good time to look at some of the other aspects of the enormous country that is China. Specifically, the wilder side of China, the remote places that offer a glimpse into rural life and tribal