July 2008

–Tom Passavant Backstory: Drive up through the heart of Napa Valley’s wine country on Hwy 29 and, just before you enter the perfectly groomed town of St. Helena, you’ll pass on your left what looks like a well-preserved 1950s-era motor court. Every weekend literally hundreds of people cruise by the

THE BACKSTORY: There might be bed & breakfasts in Ireland that outdo Daly’s House, but I’ve yet to encounter one. This B&B stands apart for setting, service and friendliness, qualitites which are generally not in short supply in this country. Daly’s House is actually two contemporary houses, adjacent to each

If you’re put off by the idea of visiting a national park because you’ve heard they’re crowded, think again. Admittedly, the Great Smoky Mountains received 9.3 million visitors in 2007, while the Grand Canyon welcomed 4.4 million people and Yellowstone had 3.1 million vacationers. But there are overlooked national parks

Richard West It’s true, the best way to drum a place into your head and heart is with your feet, ideally, on a walking vacation. You notice the scents, discover idiosyncrasies, meet the locals. Many travel writers have put one foot before the other before you and written about it,

BACKSTORY: The word "visionary" seems especially apt when describing Stanley Selengut. Back in 1976, he opened Maho Bay Camps on St. John, USVI, a group of tents on platforms on a pristine Caribbean hillside that became the flagship for eco-sensitive developments. And there was no better place to do this

  Reviewed by Richard West Sometimes you can tell a book by the cover. One of the many charms of Robbins’ work is a striking cover image/photo of a bright red apple with a Kazakhstan-shaped bite on the fruit’s faintly imposed map of the Russian Federation. Apples, specifically the Aport,