June 2007

Need a vacation? If you’re an American, you undoubtably do, since there’s a very good chance that you’re overworked and suffering from vacation deprivation. According to Expedia.com’s 2007 Vacation Deprivation survey, 35 percent of Americans did not take all of their vacation days. And 23 percent of workers checked their

By Tom Passavant THE BACKSTORY: Long before the term "eco-resort" was co-opted by any hotel with recycled note pads and a few compact fluorescent light bulbs, there was Sea Ranch. Back in 1963, a development group from Hawaii purchased nearly ten miles of Pacific Ocean coastline 105 miles north of

THE BACKSTORY: When Oscar Wilde arrived in Halifax in 1882 to begin his tour of North America, he famously stated that "I have nothing to declare but my genius." This quip apparently satisfied the customs officials, and Wilde went on to spend a night or two at the Waverley Inn,

If you think that the bathroom toilet is the least hygienic part of any hotel room, think again. "It’s the TV remote control," advises Allison Janse. "The remote control is never cleaned yet people are touching it a lot." If that’s news to you, it then listen to what else