March 2007

These are shaky times for airlines, and that means that frequent flier programs are in for a few bumps. Much of the conventional wisdom about the best way to maximize and use your miles (like letting them accumulate) no longer applies. And then there’s the specter of airlines going out

WHY IT’S A CONTENDER: Set on a coral headland overlooking Mead’s Bay Beach, Malliouhana is a 25-acre garden property that boasts one and a half miles of white sand beaches. On a recent visit, I could have spent all day with my toes in the sugar-fine sand, occasionally immersing myself

For most Americans, a trip to Vietnam means encounters with both the familiar and the startling. The places that conjure memories of the Vietnam War are all here: Da Nang, the Mekong Delta, China Beach. The hammer and sickle still flies over government buildings, and Ho Chi Minh’s modest stilt