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Geneva’s Hotel d’Angleterre

Posted on 02 December 2014

By Richard West   The perfect day in Geneva doesn’t break. Far too messy for this ridiculously bijou city, cozily nestled between the Swiss Juras and French Alps and neatly… Continue reading »

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My Over the Top 10: Fantastically Flamboyant City Hotels

Posted on 26 October 2014

By Ann Abel If it’s not for everyone, it’s probably for me. That’s one of my favorite travel credos. I was reminded of it when I stepped into the purple-on-purple… Continue reading »

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The 20 Best Countries for Solo Travelers

Posted on 23 September 2014

By Everett Potter What are the best countries for solo travelers? To find the answer  for my Travel + leisure story, I crunched the numbers from the Global Peace Index,… Continue reading »

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James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D

Posted on 20 August 2014

It’s not every day that your 12 year old daughter gets to interview astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Nat Geo Explorer-in-Residence James Cameron at a screening of Deepsea Challenge 3D… Continue reading »

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Alaska’s Icy Strait Point

Posted on 12 August 2014

By Buzzy Gordon It’s got nearby glaciers, of course. One of the major reasons visitors come to Alaska is the opportunity to see these mighty rivers of ice up close…. Continue reading »

A Swank Bed in a Patagonian Fishing Paradise

Posted on 04 August 2014

  By Christopher Solomon   In Argentina, a country lousy with world-class trout rivers, the Rio Limay may be the most remarkable. It’s been called the most mysterious. Much of… Continue reading »

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Swiss Trains & the Italian Lake District with National Geographic Expeditions

Posted on 17 June 2014

Swiss trains? The best in the world. National Geographic Expeditions? A guaranteed way to enjoy group travel with an expert who takes you inside a destination. So I’m thrilled that… Continue reading »

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A Tanzania Safari with Epic Private Journeys

Posted on 09 June 2014

Story & photos by Everett Potter “Elephants!” I don’t recall who shouted it first. There were four of us clutching cameras in the Toyota Land Cruiser, along with driver Michael… Continue reading »

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Visiting The National September 11 Memorial Museum

Posted on 27 May 2014

By Shari Hartford On the morning of September 11, 2001, I found myself at the very wrong place, at the very wrong time. At 8:46 a.m. I was walking through… Continue reading »

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L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools

Posted on 13 May 2014

In spring, this not-so-young man’s fancy turns to fly fishing, sea kayaking, biking and other activities that require skilled use of both hands, putting away electronic distractions and simply being… Continue reading »

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