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The Interview: Rafa Mayer, Say Hueque

Posted on 14 December 2015

Interview by Everett Potter Planning a trip to Patagonia or the wilds of Chile? Chances are you’ve come across Say Hueque, Argentina’s leading adventure travel company. Founded by Rafa Mayer,… Continue reading »

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The Interview: Rumit Mehta of Immersion Journeys

Posted on 13 April 2015

By Everett Potter (Photos copyright Rumit Mehta/Immersion Journeys) This month, we’re offering a giveaway to Ghana’s Zaina Lodge in partnership with Immersion Journeys. I met the company’s founder, Rumit Mehta,… Continue reading »

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The Interview: Maria Elena Malpezzi-Price of ExperiencePlus!

Posted on 03 February 2015

  Interview by Everett Potter This month, we’re giving away an amazing bike trip in Italy with ExperiencePlus! (you can enter here). Rick Price and Paola Malpezzi-Price founded the company… Continue reading »

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The Interview: Hannah Ellis on Dylan Thomas and Wales

Posted on 13 January 2015

By Monique Burns Poet Dylan Thomas will be forever associated with Wales.  Well-known works like “Fern Hill” and “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” drew on the hummocky hills and moon-shaped… Continue reading »

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The Interview: Rob Rankin of Vagabond Tours of Ireland

Posted on 20 August 2014

Ireland will welcome the Adventure Travel World Summit 2014 in Killarney in October, a gathering of some 600 plus tour operators, destination specialists, journalists and others in the world of… Continue reading »

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The Interview: John Gobbels of Medjet Assist

Posted on 08 July 2014

So you’re going on vacation? Got travel insurance? Check. How about air medical transport coverage? Huh? You’re entitled to be confused. Many of us take out a travel insurance policy… Continue reading »

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The Interview: Brian Sharples of HomeAway

Posted on 27 May 2014

  EPTR’s David McKay Wilson recently stopped by HomeAway’s international headquarters in Austin, TX. to speak with Brian Sharples, 53, the CEO and co-founder of the company with listings for… Continue reading »

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The Interview: Sailing with Anthony Sandberg of OCSC Sailing

Posted on 28 April 2014

  We’re giving away sailing lessons with OCSC Sailing in Berkeley, California this month, so it seemed like a good time to grab a few minutes with OCSC’s founder, Anthony… Continue reading »

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Sochi Olympics: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted on 28 January 2014

By Jules Older With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, coming February 7-23, excitement should be reaching a crescendo. We ought to be bouncing off the walls with excitement…. Continue reading »

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The Interview: Luke Barr & Provence 1970

Posted on 02 December 2013

Interview by Everett Potter During the last weeks of 1970, the pioneers of modern gastronomy — Julia Child, M.F.K. Fisher, James Beard, Simone Beck, Richard Olney, Judith Jones – came… Continue reading »

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