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Vienna for Partying

Posted on 08 May 2012

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Vienna: more than schnitzel and strudel

By Everett Potter

Berlin gets all the credit, but ­Austria—that nation of Klimt-worshipping, Sacher torte–eating opera­goers—practically ­invented nightlife.  More in my story in New York magazine …


  Everett Potter is Editor in Chief of Everett Potter’s Travel Report

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2 Responses to “Vienna for Partying”

  1. Nancy Hercher says:

    The Wichita State Univ. orchestra played at the opening of the Austria Center in Aug., 1987 and I played harp. The orch. also played a concert with the Vienna Boys Choir at St. Stephan’s Cathedral and Mozart’s Coronation Mass at the Cathedral in Salzburg at the height of the Festival. It was a high point in my life to see and be a part of something cultural that deepened the experience. We also gave concerts at Nurnberg (in an airport hangar) and Eisenstadt. We ended up in Heidelberg where my friend and I went by train to Belgium and Amsterdam. Leigh was no longer there but we stayed in her apartment. Trip of my lifetime!

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